By Grandslam
Amiga 500

Published in Zzap #50


After a hard day at work, Pacman likes nothing better than to return to his home in Pacland and relax with his family. Unfortunately, he can't refuse a soul in trouble, so when a lost little fairy comes to him for help, who is he to refuse?

All across Pacland are many hazards, including Pac's enemies the ghosts which are far too much for a little fairy to overcome alone. So Pacman puts his best shoes on and pops the fairy under his hat ready for the adventure.


I was a great fan of the arcade original so I was really looking forward to the Amiga version. Now it's here, I seem to be the odd one out, 'coz everyone else hates it and I like it!


So what if the graphics aren't exactly like the coin-op and the scrolling's a bit jerky, it's still good laugh. Maybe it's just the fact that I can now play without having to spend loads of money but I don't care because I really like it.

So don't pay any attention to those other miserable so and sos. Check it out! You might like it too.


I really like the coin-op and I thought the C64 conversion was brilliant. Now if the programmers can get a really good version onto the 8-bit machine, why is the 16-bit version so poor?


The graphics are weak with poorly defined and animated sprites travelling over incredibly jerky backdrops. The sound isn't much better, consisting of a few twee tunes and some rather thin effects. And I wouldn't even mind that so much if the controls weren't so fiddly and the movement so slow. In fact, I'm pretty disappointed all round (very round in my case). Oh well...


Presentation 68%
One and two player mode and a score table, but not a lot else.

Graphics 52%
Cute sprites and simple backdrops, but poor animation and jerky scrolling.


Sound 47%
Fair renditions of the arcade tunes, but it doesn't exactly push the Amiga to its limits.

Hookability 70%
Good fun to play the classic coin-op in your own home.

Lastability 47%
Rather easy to complete, and fairly repetitive, so the lasting interest is a bit limited.

Overall 52%
A disappointing rendition of a thoroughly enjoyable arcade game.