Out For The Count
By Dynamite Designs
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #80

Out for The Count

The boxing game that is utterly realistic! Well, that's what the inlay says. It claims you can watch the cuts and bruises appear on your opponent's face as you punch away at him: Truth is, if you did that you'd end up knocked out on the floor!

Out For The Count is a very poor boxing game. I got so frustrated playing it. You're given a set of controls for punching your opponent and when you get into the game, no matter how hard you hit the keys the boxer won't perform the good moves. All you can do is lap the other player while he punches your head in!

However, it does have a few redeeming features: the way the game flips to an aerial view of the ring and waits for the knocked out player to get up is good, as is the section where you work out to get rid of some of your damage.

Unfortunately the infuriating way the main game is played is enough to put me off. Realistic, but definitely not the best boxing around.

Nick Roberts

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