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Sinclair User

Operation Nightingale
By Softly Softly
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #42

Operation Nightingale

Operation Nightingale from Softly Softly is yet another Quill and Illustrator package.

This is a spy story set in London. Jameson, your predecessor, has been rubbed out by the hit-men of a drugs syndicate and you are under orders to capture the head of the syndicate. Your nom de guerre is Nightingale.

The action covers London, the suburbs and other parts of the country. You must first raise cash to buy a travel pass to get around town.

Once mobile you can then begin to hunt for the syndicate. There are secret safes, planes you can fly, odd little shops where you can buy things like vests and overalls, with a few location graphics.

The story-line is not particularly original but the program is competently put together. There are a good number of locations and enough detail and events to hold your interest.

I'd rate it above Timesearch and Warlord for that reason but none of them are a patch on Terrormolinos or Red Moon.

Richard Price