Olli And Lissa
By Firebird
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer & Video Games #67

Olli And Lissa

"Humans are only scared of invisible ghosts..." This is the opening line to Firebird's new one, Olli And Lissa.

The game tells the story of a millionaire who is going to ship a castle stone by stone from Scotland to the States. This would be great, but someone is living there.

The dweller in question is Sir Humphrey, a very friendly ghost who plays with Olli and Lissa. He's not too keen on travelling, and so Olli and Lissa must help him.

Olli And Lissa

To help him, you must gather ingredients for a potion from around the castle. This potion will make Sir Humphrey invisible, so that he can scare away the big bad American.

Sir H will tell you what he requires, and a picture of it will flash in the air, showing you what it looks like.

Although this is a nice touch, it's pointless because it will be the only thing around anyway. Once you know what to get, you can guide Olli around the castle, to search for the object. Once found he must take it back to Lissa, who will mix it in a pot.

Olli And Lissa

Guiding Olli, you will come across some not-so-friendly ghosts. These ghosts must be jumped over, or avoided in true 'platform' style.

After returning a piece to Lissa, you will be able to search for the next object given, but you won't have to look that hard. You see all the pieces are on a different screen, which is always linked on to the last one.

To make it clearer, there are eight objects, and eight screens. One object on each screen. To collect object three you must go through screens one and two first.

Should you get all eight pieces, Sir H will become visible and the game will end. The thing that grabs me though, is the compelling gameplay.

Addictive, humorous and value for money are just some of the qualities of this game. A real cheap thrill!