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Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #67


Continuing its aptly named 'Mini Bus' line of budget games, Bubble Bus has released yet another version of that old classic Pacman. This one, called Muncher, has all the elements of the original including food, ghoul pills, and bonus fruits which make the ghouls flash during which time you can get them.

There is a different maze design for each level. They become progressively harder to complete as the ghouls move faster and flash for less time when you eat the pills.

Control is with keyboard or joystick and can be redefined, if the default ones don't suit. Muncher has sound effects of a budget nature but nothing to get excited about.

If there really is somebody out there who hasn't already played Pac-Man to death, then this is for you. Otherwise, keep your £1.99 as there are plenty of excellent budget offerings around that are not of antique origin.