Home Computing Weekly

Multisound Synthesizer

Author: A.W.
Publisher: Romik
Machine: Commodore Vic 20

Published in Home Computing Weekly #9

If you ever had any fears about the versatility of the sound capabilities of the VIC-20, this program will rapidly dispel them. The multisound synthesizer enables you to develop multipart melodies in a relatively simple way.

The four function keys are used to provide the main options. As each key is pressed, the instructions for that particular option are displayed on the screen.

FI provides a "keyboard" for the playing of a melody. All combinations of the three voices are possible with effects including vibrato, decay and tremolo.

F3 gives you a rhythm box with six preset drumming patterns: I particularly liked the tango and waltz. A tempo control is provided.

F5 enables you to save up to four preprogrammed background sequences consisting of up to 255 notes. These can be saved on tape if required.

F7 provides similar options to FI but acts on the white noise generator.

Using these options you can set up the rhythm and background sequence and then play a melody over the top of them.

My main criticism was the lack of decent instructions. The package is easy to use once you have sorted out the commands, but getting to know how it works was not so easy.

What Multisound Synthesiser needs is a booklet of detailed step by step instructions with examples for the user to try.

A second criticism is that the layout of the "keyboard" obtained from FI was not logical. A piano type layout would be easier to use.'

But all in all, the multisound synthesiser is an incredibly versatile package which can be used to produce surprisingly complex musical sequences. Very good value, and will provide many hours of entertainment.


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