Mountain Bike Racer

Author: Nick Roberts
Publisher: Zeppelin Games
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #75

Mountain Bike Racer

With the increase in popularity of mountain bikes I suppose it was bound to happen: the influx of mountain bike simulator games from software houses. This is the second to be released on budget the first being Pro Mountain Bike Simulator.

What really gets to you in this game is the almost idiotic way you have to control the biker and the sensitivity of some of the obstacles. You control him by speeding up, slowing down or jumping. Some obstacles have be taken very slowly and some at top speed. This is really annoying for the first few goes until you adjust to it.

There are plenty of obstacles to be encountered on your journey, ranging from barrels to fences, rocks and thin walls which need special balance to get over. All the sprites are really quite good, especially on the special shop section between levels where you can buy new bits and pieces to attach to your bike: you're greeted by a cartoon style shop keeper and detailed icons showing ice chains, fat tyres and oil cans!

The game has one big, big let down: there's no sound at all! You'd think the programmers could have fitted in the odd effect or a little tune, even if it wasn't that good. But you don't even get a peep!

Mountain Bike Racer is fun for a while but with the annoying game play and lack of sound you'll soon get fed up with it. What I want to know is where are the mountains?

Nick Roberts

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