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Mission Jupiter
By Codemasters
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #67

Mission Jupiter

Promises, promises. Yet again, in leaps Code Masters with another 'ultimate' shoot-em-up. First they promise us 'pure arcade action'.

I'll be a PR man's uncle if I've seen any arcade machines that have bad sound, jerky scrolling and poorly defined characters. Then there's the 'incredible life forms'. Wow! Bouncing boxes and tea-pots that spout bullets. Two-player action'. Cor! Shame it doesn't mention that they play one at a time.

The game itself scrolls (jerkily) from left to right. On the way your space-suited fellow must shoot all the enemies while dodging the slow- moving bullets by flying around the screen by use of their jet-pack. Along the way you must make sure to replenish your ammunition and energy.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all is the programmer of all this tosh - Derek Brewster - creator of such great games as Kentilla and Codename Mat. He should have known better.

Overall Summary

Potentially good idea poorly implemented in this below average budget shoot-em.

Tony Dillon

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