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Mike Read's Computer Pop Quiz
By Encore
Amstrad CPC464/664/6128

Published in Amstrad Action #60

Mike Read's Computer Pop Quiz

Who were "Nice 'n' Sleazy" in the late seventies? If you enjoy being asked questions like this, and are often able to answer them, then this game could be for you.

The venerable Mike Read presides over the quiz. You are a team captain, and you can select your team from some dazzlingly famous megastars. Some even recognizable, but all (except Mike) have changed their names to protect their credibility. You don't have the option to change your, or their, names. The captains are stuck with the names James and Sharon. Suits me, but others might complain.

You can play either against a friend or the computer. Considering your CPC is both asking the questions and answering them, its performance isn't too impressive. It gets enough answers wrong to give you a fair chance.

Mike Read's Computer Pop Quiz

The rounds are similar to those in the TV version, with Mike's questions slowly scrolling by in a speech bubble. You are presented with four answers; just select the correct one with the joystick and press Fire. The whole game is conveniently joystick-driven.

A quickfire round is included, with a two-second penalty for every wrong answer. The multiple choice system cuts down on pondering time, and there is obviously no need for lengthy inputting of answers, so it works well.

The graphics are nothing special; pictures of the twelve stars you can select, and Mike with his speech bubble. His questions appear is a nice typeface, though.

Mike Read's Computer Pop Quiz

Sound is rudimentary; rough cheers for correct answers and razzes for mistakes.

Sadly, the game gets tedious very soon. The format is so linear, and nothing can be done to speed things up. There are 1,000 questions, so I imagine it wouldn't be long before duplicates appear.

P.S. Answer - The Stranglers

Second Opinion

Mike Read's Computer Pop Quiz

The TV show was interminably dull. This is *worse*.

First Day Target Score

Beat the computer.


Graphics 44%
N. Blocky pics of anonymous popstars.

Mike Read's Computer Pop Quiz

Sonics 41%
N. Beeps and Burps.

Grab Factor 42%
P. The first game is OK...

Staying Power 24%
N. ...the rest are very similar.

Overall 39%
P. You'd be better off listening to Radio One.

James Leach

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