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By Elite
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #59


The current trend for racing unsuitable vehicles against each other is reflected with this Outrun style 3D road game. Here, you are invited to belt across Europe from city to city in 30 tons of rolling iron. The "Supertrux Trophy" is at stake!

The cities hover enticingly on the horizon, but like many such games, are never actually reached. However, each does have at least one feature akin to the actual place, making them all different and in many cases recognizable. London has Big Ben, Paris the Eiffel Tower and so on.

There is competition from computer-controlled slower trucks, which are limited to obstructing your progress. Other obstacles include piles of abandoned tyres, standing water and traffic cones. This, together with the juggernauts thundering along mindlessly, reminds one of many a real motorway.

Super Trux

Hills crop up from time to time, and if you aren't careful you run the risk of hitting whatever is lurking on the other side. However there are occasional signposts to warn you of corners and approaching junctions. One route usually results in a rough ride along twisting, debris-littered roads, the other is a faster highway.

The graphics are bright and clean. Your truck is big, and continually rocks from side to side like a 2CV going over a cattle grid, and large advertising hoardings flash by on each side of the road.

Your 30-ton monster unfortunately sounds like a pinking moped when at speed, but crashes with a nice graunching noise.

Super Trux

Supertrux works well - and if you're good at it you can see a lot of European cities for £2.99.

Second Opinion

As a budget offering it's really very good indeed. The programmers have got the graphics moving at an impressive rate, and your truck handles with all the stodgy inertia of the real thing. Very good.

Green Screen View

Still playable.


Super Trux

Graphics 64%
P. Big and clear.
P. Flicker-free.

Sonics 55%
N. Weedy for a truck!

Grab Factor 65%
P. Progressively harder.

Staying Power 56%
N. Repetitive.

Overall 63%
P. Great value.

James Leach

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