Microprose Soccer
By Microprose
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #65

Microprose Soccer

Microprose (surprise, surprise!) : Sensible Software (programmed by Smart Egg Software) : £9.95/£14.95

It's really quite a silly game, when you think about it, isn't it? Soccer, I mean, Kicking a hollow cow around and trying to get it between two sticks seems to appeal to an awful lot of us, though, so MicroProse's latest simulation might well be very popular. We all know what football's about, so no point explaining that, but MicroProse Soccer has lots of interesting features which make it addictive and playable, even to boring and unfootbally people like me!

The first, and most important, is that you don't have to wear studded cow skin thingies on your feet (oooooer!) and there's no hollow cow to kick around.

Microprose Soccer

Then, of course, there's the indoor soccer option allowing you to choose between a six-a-side indoor league or championship or an outdoor game. The latter includes a brilliant rain feature (watch them players sliiide!).

Then there's the banana shot feature. This lets players kick the ball in a terrific curly manner. And to round off there are the World Cup and All Star Tournament competitions, not to mention the two-player modes.

In short, MicroProse Soccer is an excellent simulation of a game which I had previously found quite boring. The graphics are superb, instructions comprehensive, and gameplay and addictivity are brilliant.



'MicroProse Soccer is packed full of great overhead graphics, addictive gameplay and absolutely brilliant sound. The main screen is an aerial view of a football pitch and you control one of the excellently animated players and score goals (Yeh, let's state the obvious!). But that's not all there is in the game. You can select various options to make each game more interesting such as weather, replays and banana power (I prefer apples, they're much better for you). The weather's best, I just love playing football in the rain and thunder! MicroProse Soccer makes an excellent alternative to Match Day or 4 Soccer Simulators, check it out.'

Nick RobertsMike Dunn

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