Planet 10
By Mastertronic
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #68

Planet 10

Oh dear, oh dear. I want everyone to understand, I' m not giving this game a bad review because it's unoriginal and ancient (only because you can't play It). No, only because It's rubbish (No, it's addictive and frustratingly enjoyable!).

Bad enough that Pacman maze games died over five years ago (Planet 10 takes over from the equally fun Pac Land and PacManla, it's like the next logical step really), this one isn't even playable (actually, it becomes very playable when mastered).

Basically, it's a 3-D version of move around the maze eating the pills and avoiding the monsters. The forward view graphic is attractive enough (smooth and good perspective), especially the bold and bright monsters, but it isn't possible to play a good game of Pacman when you can only see what's in front of you (Wrong! You can do a back flip and instantly see what's behind you).

Planet 10

The other two displays the monsters and the maze maps are equally useless; the monster map is much too short ranging (Only if you're paranoid; you can see the monsters In plenty of time to take evasive action and head off down another corridor), and the maze map is ridiculously small (okay, so it's small, but the maze display is fine, and though It doesn't indicate monsters, you can see yourself perfectly clearly).

Mastertronic have tried to take a long-since dead game format and resurrect it. Unfortunately, they've only managed to cremate it. Unplayable and boring. (Ignore him. We played Planet 10 for ages. It is slightly difficult, but it only takes some practice to learn the best route and you're well away. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly addictive!!)

Overall 26% (79%)

Nick RobertsMike DunnRichard Eddy

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