Maze Craze

Publisher: Partyline Ltd
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #22

Maze Craze

Maze Craze is a sort of Pacman game. You know ol' Pacman, the yellow fellow who trundles around a maze eating millions upon millions of little dots and power pills. He gets followed by ghosts who are out for his blood, you know the one. If you don't then where the hell have you been for the last three years?

Maze Craze is very similar as you go along you leave a yellow trail and you have to fill the maze up by going everywhere you can (a sort of reverse Pacman if you like). Just to make life more difficult you've got to pick up a certain number of moths which are dropped around the screen. You scamper around the maze against a clock a digital display reduces your pile of points according to the distance you move. If you manage to collect the number of moths displayed on the left of the screen and return to the start point before you run out of moves, you can start a new, harder maze.

Collecting a bug or a frog gives access to one of four submazes where you have to collect some poison and kill a spider before you are returned to the main maze.

Wandering around the maze are loads of nasties (crabs and spiders) one touch from one and you'll lose one of your lives. If you feel threatened by one of the nasties then you can shoot them with one of your limited bombs. This will dispose of it for a while it'll return after a short period of time so watch out!

At the beginning of the game you can set the skill level on a scale of 0 to 9 peruse the instructions sheets, which describe the various bugs and beasties you will meet.


Control keys: A,Z,5 left; S,X,8 right; N,K,7 Up; M,L,6 down; SPACE,V fire
Joystick: Kempston
Keyboard play: choice of keys a little awkward, responsive
Use of colour: elementary
Graphics: elementary, no animation just movement
Sound: little noises
Skill levels: one
Screens: four

Comment 1

'I thought the age of really dire Spectrum games were over, but I was wrong. This is one of the worst games I've seen for quite some time. Not only is the plot archaic but the flickery characters and awful sound make this a real classic in the 1985 role of feeble Spectrum games. Gameplay is dull and awfully boring, after all we've seen it all before just too many tines'

Comment 2

'Yawn, I haven't seen a game like this since 1982 and then it wouldn't have been too hot compared to some of the goodies around then. The graphics are jerky, badly animated and generally primitive, sound is poorly used. Gameplay is infuriating, unplayable and unaddictive. I really can't see how IDL is supposed to sell a product that is out of date, badly produced and overpriced at seven quid I couldn't see anyone l know buying it. Perhaps this is IDC's version of Firebirds collection of poor games Don't Buy This.'

Comment 3

'Oh dear. Not a bad little game hidden away in there really, but the presentation leaves so much to be desired. All the polish and sophistication of Maziacs but a couple of years later. The routines that drive the game aren't that smart and the graphics are horrible - block moving went out ages ago. Might have gone down well as a listing in a magazine, but probably wouldn't be accepted by many publishers nowadays.'

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