Mad Nurse
By Firebird
Spectrum 48K/Plus

Published in Computer & Video Games #67

Mad Nurse

This game should be taken into council care. It needs help. Dead babies for entertainment. Wonderful.

Mad Nurse is set in a maternity hospital crawling with little bundles of joy. Trainee nurses appear to be in control of the place. These would-be Florence Nightingale's delight in such names as Nina Nightnurse and Brenda Bumwasher. Humour isn't dead, even if the babies are.

The babies refuse to stay put and go to sleep. They crawl all over the place, swigging from medicine bottles, apparently electrocuting themselves and - wait for it - this is the really clever - falling down a liftshaft and going splat at the bottom.

Mad Nurse

Controlling the nurse you must round-up the babies before harm befalls them, put them in bed and collecting stray medicine bottles. Points are scored for babies saved.

During a game you have three nurses, each of which is allowed three mishaps before getting the sack.

I think this game is probably the sickest game I've ever played. Don't buy it.