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Amstrad Action

Jackle & Wide
By Bulldog
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #22

Jackle And Wide

An arcade adventure that combines an overhead view of a park and side view of goings-on in the sewers. You've got to find an antidote, which means using various objects to get you to it.


Graphics 53%
P. Detailed sewer screens.
P. Little use of colour.

Sonics 54%
N. A dull title tune.

Grab Factor 56%
P. Interesting areas to explore.
N. Puzzles aren't easy to get into.

Staying Power 62%
N. Will be a tricky one to solve.
N. Nothing to really get you excited or hooked.

Overall 61%
Interesting departure for Stephen Curtis from his previous games.

Bob Wade