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International Basketball
By Commodore
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #121

Commodore had a huge hit with the highly popular International Soccer. This game, I presume, is a sort of follow up. The interesting feature is it's copyrighted in 1983. Why the delay in its release?

The game is very similar in feel to the soccer game and is similar in format except that you play in a gym - not unsurprisingly. Due to sprite numbers, each side comprises of three players. Your opposition may be either the computer or another human. The computer can play at one of nine skill levels. In addition, you may choose between NBR and NCAA rules. Since I don't play basketball, I haven't a clue what the difference is.

As usual, you can only control a single player at any one time. This player is signified in a different colour. This player can be changed by holding the fire button down. You can pass the ball to other players by a quick stab at the fire button.

The graphics are comparable to its predecessor and are colourful with good attention to detail. The players are well designed and excellently animated. As you dribble up the playing area, the ball is regularly bounced and the opposition move realistically to intercept you. If you score the audience applauds with realistic sound effects. At the end of the game, the teams appear on screen and the victors receive a cup.

At low levels the computer plays an unbelievably poor game but things get more interesting. At level nine, as you would expect, the opposition is quite tough. I don't know if it's simply my naturally aggressive style but rather a lot of fouls were awarded to the opposition, often without an obvious reason. This was about the only poor feature of the game. On the whole an addictive game which is first class value.


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