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The Fabulous Wanda
By Games Machine
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #39

When I first saw the grandiose name I was filled with visions of great things. Unfortunately I was out of luck.

You play the part of some kind of pangalactic playboy who is dumped on a planet.

You have to accumulate cash to pay the customs man and to gain access to Wanda who is supposed to know the 'secret'.

The Fabulous Wanda

By playing a sort of arcade game, you can get rid of the customs man. The other sum of cash must be found in the four bizarre establishments in the High street.

The game is supposed to be a sort of fantasy adventure, but your choice of action is severely limited, and the results depend more on luck than skill.

The idea of the game is good, but the programmer couldn't deliver the good. A quick peep at the listing showed that the game was written inefficiently in Basic.

The cassette inlay mentioned arcade action. Well, it might have been five years ago, but it certainly isn't now.

Graphically, the game was adequate but not exciting. In all, a great idea spoilt by weak programming and insufficient imagination.


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