By Firebird
Spectrum 48K/Plus

Published in Computer & Video Games #67


He's at it again! Peter Torrence, that prolific purveyor of adventures, is back already after Apache Gold with yet another offering - this time on the Firebird label once more.

Imagination has you sitting in front of your computer with a disk of unknown contents, which you picked up in a dusty condition from under a pile of old games in the corner of a computer store. Despite the fact that the slightest bit of dust on a disk will render it, and probably your drive, unusuable, you insert it, and find a menu offering four games.

Select any one of the titles, and you are into the game of your choice, taking part adventure-style, "Raid Over Margate" puts you in the turret of a tank on an old airfield at Margate. If you choose '2002' you are transported to the inside of a time machine disguised as an AA box. (It is much smaller inside than it is out, and comes complete with a timelord.) "The Lords Of Half Past Nine" has a scenario very similar to a well-known epic, whilst "Panic Miner" consists of a series of platforms in the form of a maze, where memory-guzzling sprites form a constant danger.

Within all of this, your objective, as determined by the timelord, is to find the number of stars in the universe. Not an impossible task, you might think, but the problem with Peter Torrence's games is the problems. They defy all logic, and yet seem logical enough afterwards.

Imagination has graphics at most locations, and was using GAC in Peter's inimitable tongue-in-cheek text. Nothing world-shattering, but you can't help liking it!