Ikari Warriors
By Encore
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #60

Ikari Warriors

This neat conversion of the SNK coin-op narrowly missed a Sizzler when it was reviewed in Issue 35.

In this vertically scrolling shoot-'em-up, one or two commandoes bravely venture into enemy territory, using their guns and limited supply of grenades against hordes of soldiers, gun turrets, tanks and helicopters. Some dying enemies leave behind flashing tokens which, depending on their colour, replenish ammo, increase gun range, or act as a smart bomb.

An additional hazard is the presence of land mines which only show up when the player is almost on top of them. But handily there are also enemy tanks carelessly left lying around for you to steal. These can be used to squash enemy soldiers, and also protect you against bullets - unfortunately, they have only limited fuel: when it runs out, they blow up!

Ikari Warriors is a fun shoot-'em-up, especially with the simultaneous two-player mode - although it's made more difficult by the fact that you can shoot each other! Unlike say, Commando, the action is more tactical than reaction-testing with success only possible by taking your time, picking off enemies one by one. But the desire to get a bit further each time should keep you playing, and despite its dated, blocky appearance, Ikari is an addictive blast from the past.