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Amstrad Action

Hunter Killer
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

Hunter Killer

Set during the Second World War, this submarine simulation faces you with the task of patrolling an area of sea in your S-type submarine and sinking any German subs you find there. Your play using three basic screens, two showing your instruments and charts and one your periscope view.

When you access the periscope view, this is where the action takes place since you have to get the target sub directly ahead of you and on a collision course with any torpedoes you launch. You face danger from the other sub, coastal mines, spotter planes with depth charges and destroyers.

Good News

P. Plenty to do as you control the sub.
P. Not an easy game, but rewarding if you sink something.

Bad News

N. Confusing trying to watch several gauges at once on separate screens.
N. Only one type of vessel to sink.