Hover Bovver

Publisher: Llamasoft
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #24

Hover Bovver

Hang on six minutes while I load Hover Bovver. It'll be worth the wait. This is an original game that should be seen *and* heard!

The object of the game is to mow as many lawns - there's 16 in all - as you can before your neighbour starts chasing your round the garden to take his mower back! Don't mow the flowers or the gardener will come chasing you as well!

Your erratic dog will protect you as long as his loyalty level hasn't run out. If Rover's tolerance runs out, he'll turn against you!

Hover Bovver

The mover is controlled smoothly by joystick, and Fire buttons are used to activate the dog if he feels like it he'll defend you from angry neighbours.

The graphics and sound are excellent and detail is precise. Sound effects include dog barks, whistles, and even the lawn mower engine noise - all of which are remarkably realistic.

If and when you clear a screen, the difficulty level gets progressively harder and you start to wonder if you will ever reach lawn 16...!

Hover Bovver is available for the Commodore 64 computer from Hampshire-based Llamasoft and is for one or two players. Happy mowing!