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High Noon
By Ocean
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #13

High Noon

In this Wild West shoot-out, you face odds that make John Wayne's efforts in 'Rio Bravo' look like a walk in the park.

The meanest gang west of the Pecos is about to hit town, aiming to rob the Bank and carry off the saloon girls from Saucy Sue's. Like a mad fool - sorry a real tough hombre -you walk out onto Main Street, never wondering why the only man left in town is the undertaker.

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. You don't have to wait long; all of a sudden the street is swarming with bandits and you open up with your six-shooter littering the street with dead outlaws. The undertaker, Riga Mortis, drags off the corpses, which is a nice touch.

High Noon

At the end of each wave of baddies, you have a shoot-out with a single outlaw. As soon as you see him draw his gun, you must press fire to kill him, or else you'll get a bellyful of bullets.

The game consists of two screens, one shows Saucy Sue's Saloon and the Bank; the other is the gang's hideout - a cave. You get onto the latter screen after you have finished off the fourth wave.

The graphics are very realistic, especially the galloping horses.

High Noon

The music is good since it is just the sort of tune you expect to he drifting out of Saucy Sue's Saloon, but I have my doubts whether it would have been computer-generated in those days!

The game has 'Novaload' - so you have a picture and some music while you wait for it to load. It also tells you the number of blocks left to load, so you realise you won't have to wait forever!

Although the game is basically a shoot-'em-up, some skill does come into it, since you can hide in the saloon for safety. Also, the outlaws will not shoot if one of their pals might be hit.

High Noon

The outlaws, horses, dynamite and fast bullets should keep you entertained for a long time.

Richard Patey

Boy, I sure shot them varmints full of lead! Saucy Sue and her gals can sleep easy and ol' Riga Mortis is gettin' to be a rich man 'round here.

Yup! High Noon struck me as being a very professional package with enjoyable tunes and pleasant graphics. At first sight, the movement seems too slow to be challenging, but later screens dispel that impression. Those bandits with dynamite move pretty quickly!

Adrian Ogden

High Noon

More than anything, this game is entertaining. The movement is poor and the graphics not brilliant, but the idea and the sound make up for that. Sadly, although the first few games were good, it then began to pall.

Fraser Marshall

The blurb says 'Shoot first... ask questions later!' Sound advice because the action is fast and the bad guys aren't taking prisoners.

The graphics are clear, bright and a good selection of colours are used. A bit of scrolling could have livened things up a bit though. Another game from Ocean reinforcing their position as a top software house.

Steven Filby

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