Your Spectrum


Author: Ross Holman
Publisher: Activision
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Spectrum #21


Dougie: Phew, my brain hurts! A trifle perplexing this little number - the only instructions on the packaging tell you how to load the program. Nothing else, zilch, zero...

Panic not - we've already pieced together the plot. It seems you take the part of a computer hacker who's just about to finish off a night on the phone. But then he accidentally dials a wrong number and the intriguing words LOGON PLEASE appear on the screen.

Of course, you're an experienced hacker so you try all the normal passwords - FRED, HELLO, GUEST and so on - all to no avail. No problem though, 'cos after you've tried to log on three times, the program lets you into the system anyway.


So, we're in and we're off! And the first thing you have to do is complete a laser test on the SRU (Subterranean Remote Unit). It's a trifle tricky at first, but once you discover the Infrared Video Image Sensor, then the Asynchronous Data Compactor, the Hydraulic Motovator, the Phlasmon Joint and the Thelman Port are a doddle to find.

Now, the plot thickens as you discover that you're in the computer of Magma Ltd. The firm has discovered how to use the Thermal Differential of Magma as a virtually unlimited power source. And with that, world domination is only a matter of days away. It's your duty as a citizen of the free world to stop them. And as much as I'd like to help you with more info - well the cheque from Magma to stop me talking came in handy.

This is definitely a game for those of you who like pitting your wits against the machine. 6/10

Ross: A very clever idea that'll let you get the feel for hacking. I'm just not sure whether Activision's pulled it off. 7/10

Rick: A great game that lets you avert an astronomic catastrophe without incurring phone bills of astronomic proportions. Well, how'd you like to be cut off in your prime? 8/10

Ross Holman

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