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Fighting Warrior
By Melbourne House
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Spectrum #21

Fighting Warrior

Ross: Another game continuing the current trend of combats but this one is presented in a refreshingly different style. The game is set in ancient Egypt and includes scrolling backgrounds and an assortment of mythical creatures.

You control an Egyption warrior and your quest is to rescue a beautiful princess held captive by a power crazy Pharoah. To do this you must fight your way past all manner of monsters and half man half animal type creatures to reach the temple where the princess is imprisoned.

The game's very like karate games in that your figure faces to the right and fights all those who cross his path. You carry what looks like a staff which can be wielded in three ways. It can be swung to strike the opponent high or low or thrusted at the middle of their bodies. You can always jump or duck and move forwards or backwards.

All the creatures and your own warrior move very fluidly, behave differently and have varying strengths which makes the game even more interesting.

Unfortunately it lacks a few finishing touches which spoils its playability. The joystick control, for example, doesn't respond to diagonals, you can't back away from the monsters without them advancing on you and the graphics repeat very rapidly. Probably because there's only four or five of them.

The animation and graphics are on the whole superb and the game's a good 'un. It did seem to lack depth and often turned into a session of trading blows, with the winner being the one with the most strength points. It'll probably be a fighting success! 8/10

Rick: The graphics from Melbourne House are getting bigger and brighter all the time. I love it! 9/10

Dougie: One of the best variations on the karate theme I've seen. 9/10

Dougie BernRick RobsonRoss HolmanRoss Holman

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