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Home Computing Weekly

Grog's Revenge
By U. S. Gold
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #111

I was sent a preview copy of this game, Without any instructions, all the cassette inlay said was "normal loading", which is not even accurate as, like all the US Gold games I've seen, it uses a fast-load system. Working out how to play it was quite a challenge, and I suspect I may have failed to discover some of the functions.

You have control of what appears to be a stone-age man, riding a unicycle up the side of a mountain. He normally goes quite slowly, but speeds up if you hold the joystick fire button down. There are short wiggly lines on the mountain path, and riding over these scores points. There are also a few holes and boulders, and failing to dodge these loses you one of your five tyres.

Every so often you pass the mouth of a cave; the view inside is of a triangle standing on one of its points, with a number of small blobs, frog-like creatures and fir trees drifting down it. If one of the fir trees hits the point of the triangle you crash and lose a tyre, for reasons I could not even guess at.

There is a toll-booth blocking the path at one point, with a bridge beside it, and occasionally a strange creature which I presume is a grog appears. I could find no way round either of these obstacles.

The graphics are excellent and the game was quite enjoyable, despite the puzzling elements.


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