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Home Computing Weekly

By Llamasoft
Atari 400/800

Published in Home Computing Weekly #15

Anything this cheap for the Atari can't be any good - or can it? My curiosity was aroused and I decided to try it out. I was glad I did.

Gridrunner is the fastest, most furious game I have ever seen. Mr Minter, the owner and programmer for Llamasoft , has taken great pains with this game.

To explain: some time in the future, a power grid has been set up in space, but has been infiltrated by grid bugs using the power to multiply. You, in your Gridrunner spaceship, must destroy them.

There are several types of bug: Droids, the most common, act like centipedes, turning when they hit an obstruction. Pods appear at grid nodes, then mature and fall as deadly missiles. The X- Y zappers send pulses of energy through the grid in the hope of frying you. There are 31 different grids to be blasted through.

Gridrunner is a fresh idea in a slowly decaying world of pacman rewrites. At the price, it is the best value for money around.

Marc Freebury

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