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Ghost Hunter
By Arcade Plus
Atari 400

Published in Home Computing Weekly #8

As the title suggests, this is a version of the now world-famous Pacman.

The Ghost Hunter of the title is supposedly meant to be ridding a mansion of said ghosts, but in my opinion it should be retitled Hunter Ghosts - since they do most of the chasing.

The game has 16 mazes, although you may only use one per game - definitely annoying. There are four brightly coloured ghosts, which seem to have the same tendencies as Pacman ghosts in using different tactics to catch you.

There are four power-pills, and when eaten the ghosts career across the screen back to the central cave.

This version also has a twoplayer option, with another option allowing two players to play simultaneously - although why you would want to do that is beyond me.

Reasonable copy of the arcade game although it misses some features and adds a lot of superfluous ones.

Marc Freebury

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