Genghis Khan

Publisher: Infogrames
Machine: Amiga 500

Published in Zzap #73

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is really two games in one. In the solitaire mode, 'Mongol Conquest', you can become Temujin, the Bordighin tribesman who is destined to unite the Mongols as Genghis Khan. The game then switches to the 'World Conquest' mode, which can be played by up to four players. Other notable characters include Richard I (England), Alexious III (Byzantine Empire) and Minamoto Yoritomo (Japan).

All command decisions cost attribute points. Your character has a range of abilities: judgement, leadership, planning, persuasiveness and on. When an action is made which utilizes one of these abilities, it reduces the points allocated. When the points fall under a certain level you will be unable to execute this action. This means that you will need a fair sprinkling of several abilities before you charge into battle.

The two Game Modes show a map divided up into areas/countries which you will need to take. You can make treaties, send spies into countries, attempt assassinations, 'rendezvous' with princesses in on effort to gain children, train your troops, vary taxes, play politics with your governors and so on. All the time you'll need to keep your people happy and well-fed otherwise you'll have an uprising on your hands. During battle, you have the opportunity to lead your forces (infantry, cavalry and archers). The games zooms into an excellent hex-based wargame which plays like any of the better wargames on the market.

Although Genghis Khan may lack the graphical overkill of say Powermonger, it's undoubtedly an excellent product which kept me up till late hours more times than I care to mention. The challenge of the game is high, as the opponents are no fools. They love to attack when you are at your weakest; opponent tactics are intelligent too. Unreservedly recommended.