Your Sinclair

Future Bike Simulator

Author: Rich Pelley
Publisher: Hi-Tec
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Your Sinclair #55

Future Bike Simulator

I dunno. We've had so many bloomin' simulators recently this one's just got to be more of the same. Oh well, suppose we'd better have a look. (A few plays later.) And I was right! Future Bike Sim is extremely repetitive, the graphics are minimal, and the sounds crap/ Still, it hasn't got a David Darling quote splashed across the inlay so we should be thankful for small mercies.

But wait! I hate to admit it, but I quite liked FBS. I mean, it's so flippin' peasy it's quite a gas - you could play this little sucka with your eyes closed. There are only two keys for heavens sake - Left and Right (Up and Down didn't seem to do much). Simply zoom about as fast as poss on your motorbike-cum-hovercraft (ie a motorbike with no wheels), avoid crashing into buildings and things, and shoot all the other motorcyclists coming towards you, picking up the money they drop. At the end of each level this can be used to buy things from the weapon shop including missiles and radars. FBS? It's a cinch. And that's just the way I like it.

Rich Pelley

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