Future Bike Simulator
By Hi-Tec
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Crash #78

Future Bike Simulator

I seem to remember playing something like this in an arcade years ago...ah sweet memories! This computer version is a bit more basic and doesn't have the fun and excitement you get from racing through a digitized landscape with crowds of people watching you!

As you may have guessed, it's set in the future. All the world's governments have banned the motorcycle as we know it today. Someone who didn't really like this decision was Finnius M Houlder, a multi-billionaire who has a love for two-wheeled speed machines. He set to work on an alternative that could get around the laws: the result was Future Bike!

The bikes are well drawn and speed along at a convincing high speed. The borders supposed to represent things like cities, deserts and rapids are a different story. They are very bitty with the same sprite repeated over and over again. The action is a bit too fast really and you can't control the speed of the bike, only the directions left, right, up and down. Collecting money on the speed track levels gets you into the shop where extra weapons and add-ons can be bought.

Future Bike Simulator is a simple race game, good fun but I doubt it will keep you hooked for long.

Nick Roberts

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