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BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 2.03

Zelob the Melkon has been marooned on the space station Ewgeebez. To escape, he must collect twelve power crystals to activate the main teleport, which he has to find in a mass of corridors.

Easy enough task you may think to yourself, but you haven't taken into account the alien creatures which regularly teleport in from neighbouring foreign planets and of course the space station's own defence mechanisms - the patrolling robots armed with deadly laser beams.

And so goes the description of the inlay card. Roughly translated, it means that you control a little creature in a maze and must collect twelve crystals avoiding the monsters mentioned above.

Trivial you may think, but the maze is big and the graphics are good. Mode 1 is used so individual characters are incredibly detailed. The various creatures are superbly animated and they all behave in a different way. It will take you a long time to map out the maze and to finish the quest.

It may not be the most original and mind-shatteringly complex game ever devised for a home computer but it is very good fun.

Shingo Sugiura

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