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European Champions
By E & J Software
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #55

European Champions

Other soccer management games are based on the English League and the FA Cup, but European Champions involves 32 national teams trying to win the European Championship - yes. England could finally do it!

Before you can take part in the Championship Finals, your team must qualify by winning its group of four teams. As in real life friendlies can be played to build up a team's fitness and morale.

Each of the 22 squad players has three attributes: tackling ability, skill rating and goal scoring potential.

In addition to your chosen 11, five additional substitutes must be selected. This allows for the extra strategy of making tactical substitutions.

Your team can play a short passing, neutral or long ball game, and decide to be defensive, average or attacking. Both these options alter the strategy of the match.

The graphical display of the match is extremely simple (only the ball is shown) and time consuming, but at least you can see how the team (or the ball) is doing. This feature, along with the potential for substitution strategy, makes European Champions far more exciting than many other results-only games.

Phil King

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