Enduro Racer
By Activision
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #67

Enduro Racer

Could this be the best of the current arcade conversions? It certainly comes close. But as we went to press only the Spectrum version was complete so we'll have to reserve judgement on the overall Enduro situation.

But the Spectrum version is a blast - as close as this machine can get to the arcade version. All the obstacles are there and even the dips and bumps in the track have been reproduced.

But we're racing ahead a bit here. If you've not come across this epic coin-op you won't know that it's a sort of dirt-bike simulation.

Enduro Racer

You find yourself in the saddle of a high power enduro machine blasting across desert dirt tracks and rugged forest trails in an effort to become enduro-champ of the universe.

You have to complete each of the five tracks in a certain time - fail and it's back to the starting gate.

The first track is relatively simple - small rocks to avoid and jumps to jump. Timing is all important here. Get your jump wrong and your rider ends up dangling by his handlebars high in the sky. Sometimes you can save him - but it's more likely that you'll end up in a tangled heap at the side of the track. If there's time left you can pull yourself together and head for the finish line.

Enduro Racer

Complete a track within the time limit and you'll get the extra time added on to the next track. Track two is set in the desert and is much more difficult. More rocks, more jumps and maniac jeep drivers to watch out for.

The scrolling is pretty smooth and fast enough to give you a thrill! Graphics are effective and a pretty good copy of the arcade original.

A minor moan is that - on the Speccy version - your rider is the same colour as all the others - black. It would've been nice if he had different coloured leathers to make him stand out a bit more.

The game is nicely presented with a good hi-score chart. Nice lap times/percentage of track completed display as the arcade machine features at the end of each game. And there's a two player option as well.

Enduro Racer is the best Activision game for ages. Get it.