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Drum Kit
By Quicksilva
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #74

Having had no experience of music or rhythm synthesisers before I've been unable to make any comparisons, but I have been able to make a few personal comments about this one.

Drum-Kit is in fact a fully programmable rhythm synthesiser with four changeable voices, the snare drum, bass drum, the electro beat and sticks. The program comes with a 17-page manual which is comprehensive but unclear in places. If you follow the examples closely you should quite easily understand what is happening. It doesn't take long to grasp the basics, and after about half an hour you're constructing quite impressive rhythms, using the simple cursor controlled input.

You define the length of each bar and the number of bars in the rhythm then the display is shown in chunks of 16 beats. Pressing the space bar will display the next page and the next 16 beats. All rhythms and voices can be saved.

My only criticism is that the keyboard is a little slow and sometimes frustrating. Besides this the results are often satisfying and easily achieved. A welcome change to arcade games.