Dr. Doom's Revenge

Author: Mark Caswell
Publisher: Empire
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #75

Dr. Doom's Revenge

Spiderman, Spiderman does whatever a spider can, spins a web any size dadada, dedede... Oops, sorry, got a bit carried away there, but all you true believers out there will be pleased to know (or maybe not) that two of Marvel comics' biggest stars, along with one of their biggest villains battle each other in Empire's latest game. Victor Von Doom, sell appointed dictator of the small European country of Latveria is up to his usual dastardly tricks.

He's pinched a US nuclear missile and now holds New York City to ransom. Either the United States becomes a colony of Latveria, or the Big Apple goes BOOM. Of course no one is keen on either of Doom's plans, so they call on Peter Parker (aka Spiderman), and Steve Rodgers (aka Captain America) to go to the mad tyrant's castle in Latveria to thwart his evil doings.

The game starts with you being asked to choose a skill level, either Beginner, Hero or Superhero. After answering a few questions from the instruction manual to check you aren't a pirate, it's into the first scene. You control both Spidey and Wing Head (but not at the same time). The game switches to and fro between two distinct parts. The usual arcade action sequences where our heroes battle The Rhino, Machette, Batroc and Electro. Two energy meters screen bottom monitor each combatant. Spidey can hit and kick as well as fire webbing, whilst Cap slings his shield around. Interspersed are static 'fill in' screens of comic book style pages explaining the action as you go along, which is a nice touch.

Dr. Doom's Revenge

The 'comic book' is a wonderful idea, it's just a shame the rest of the game is so poor. Character sprites are quite well drawn, but move more like puppets than the rough, tough super heroes we all know and love. The 'action' isn't any great shakes either: just plugging away at an enemy that wipes the floor with you every time isn't my idea of fun.

MARK ... 39%

Nick ... 53%

'Dr Doom's Revenge is simply an excuse for a beat-'em-up game. It all starts oft looking pretty promising with a really good loading screen and good between level graphics in cartoon strip style. But once it's loaded you have to pass through an annoying code-entering section to start - only to find a bad quality beat-'em-up with unimpressive graphics when you get there. The Marvel comics characters are here, sort of. Captain America, for example, is very blocky, and the game being in white monochrome doesn't help matters at all. Sound again is unimpressive, with only a silly blip when you hit someone. Dr Doom's Revenge is a good example of trying to sell a game on the name of the character. Fans of Dr Doom and all the other comic characters may buy it, but they won't have much fun playing it.'

Mark CaswellNick Roberts

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