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Stunt Bike Siimulator
By Silverbird
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Crash #55

Stunt Bike Simulator

Ace stuntman, Chad Adams, has set himself a number of tasks to show that he is the best in the world. His specialty is performing daring feats on a stunt motorbike.

The player must guide Chad through five levels of dangerous stunts, all of which involve controlling his bike and avoiding obstacles in the horizontally- scrolling road. The player's starting score is reduced by hitting obstacles and the passage of time. Unless a stage is completed before this score drops to nil, the player loses one of his three lives.

Chad starts the first level in his hang-glider, flying above the road. The player controls the riderless bike, weaving it between obstacles till the opportunity arises to drop Chad onto it. Next it's on to the log jump. As well as avoiding static obstacles, he must bunny hop logs which roll towards him.

Level three contains even more danger as Chad attempts to leap off his bike through hoops of fire. If he fails to jump at the right time, the fire will burn him, reducing his score and wasting valuable time.

Chad's next feat involves riding his bike up a ramp into the back of a moving lorry.

The final task is to jump from his bike and catch the hanger suspended from a moving helicopter. If he achieves all this, Chad will have proved that he 's the best in the business.


Joysticks: Kempston
Graphics: jerky, blocky and awkward
Sound: limited to basic spot effects

Phil … 57%

'Although Stunt Bike Simulator contains five levels, they all take place on an identical scrolling road with nothing by a change in backdrop. The bike itself is very simply animated and the scrolling is extremely jerky - once character block at a time. The first level is soon mastered, although how Chad manages to steer his stunt bike when he's up in the hang-glider I'll never know! Both the second and third levels are initially difficult to master, while the final levels are comparatively easy. Such a hotchpotch of difficult and very easy parts soon loses its appeal.'

Mark … 53%

'The graphics are blocky and most barely resemble the objects they are supposed to depict (the helicopter looks like a large airborne blob). Stunt Bike Simulator will keep most purchasers busy for the first couple of hours or so but I can't see it having much long term appeal.'

Phil KingMark Caswell

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