Deek's Deeds
By Bass-On
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #92

Deek's Deeds

Retrochrone is an organisation that has set itself the task of ridding the past of evil, disease and Mike Yarwood. You, the young Deek, are a member of this society.

You have a mission: return to the Middle Ages and dispose of Reg the Bad to 'make Acton Trussell a safe plan for hamsters and gerbils alike'. Bizarre, isn't it?

So, Deeks Deeds Is a humorous adventure full of skits and jokes. Some of tem fall flat on their face, others are painfully bad, while a few hit the mart and provide a chuckle or two.

The game's first and most original feature is also its biggest drawback. You choose a number of objects from a given list which are then beamed down to your destination. But if you don't the adventure with the correct set of objects you're snookered. You can wander around the adventure with three or four different sets of objects and still not have the right ones.

Deeks Deeds isn't too difficult once the object choice is out of the way. However, you get the feeling that the adventure is more of a vehicle to hang the humour on rather than a game in its own right.

Paul Rigby

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