Publisher: Incentive
Machine: BBC/Electron

Published in Computer & Video Games #45


The only confusing thing about Incentive's latest release is why it's not in the top ten yet! This fast-moving puzzle game will have you hooked as soon as you start playing.

Remember those plastic puzzle squares you used to get in Christmas crackers? The ones where you have to shuffle squares around to make a picture or word? Well, Confuzion is a bit like that. Except you have to shuffle squares around to make a pathway for a spark which is itching to get to an unexploded bomb spinning away at the edge of a square - which looks a bit like a circuit board.

Once you've made the correct connections with your shuffling squares, the spark reaches the bomb and detonates it. Then it's on to another puzzle square - bigger with more bombs. Later squares feature added hazards to your fuse, including a drop of water which chases you around attempting to put out your fire!

I played the Amstrad and Spectrum versions and both were totally addictive.

So when you're next looking for a game to spend your cash on, don't be confused by the huge choice which confronts you at your local store - go for Confuzion!