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ZX Computing

Colossal Adventure
By Level 9 Computing
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in ZX Computing #39

Colossal Adventure

This is a complete version of the original mainframe "Adventure" game, for the 48K Spectrum. It is made up of two parts; a small Basic program and about 30K of machine code which does all the work.

The cassette is accompanied by a small booklet, which describes the background to the game and contains instructions for loading and playing. The idea of the game is basically to find the Colossal Cavern and return with its treasure. This is very much easier said than done, because the game contains more than 200 locations and many different objects and creatures. Each location is individually described, and as special data compression techniques have been used, the descriptions are rich in detail. The computer is instructed using short English phrases such as "move east" and "take bottle". Only a few of the possible commands are listed in the booklet, so part of the fun of the game is working out how to phrase your instructions to the program. Many words may be abbreviated.

The program responds very quickly to your instructions, which is just as well because I think it will take a long time to explore the entire scenario. It is also possible to save the current state of play onto tape.

Even if you do manage to recover the treasure, play continues, because Level 9 has added a completely new endgame with 70 extra locations. This makes the program excellent value.

During your search for the treasure, you will come across several problems which must be solved before you can continue. Some of these puzzles are *very* difficult, so it is comforting that you also receive a coupon which entitles you to send off for one free clue.

Overall, I recommend this program very highly. The fact that it is a text-only adventure may put some people off, but in my opinion the detailed description of locations are more realistic than graphical representations could ever be. Even the most hardened adventurer will have problems solving it, and it is a bargain at £9.90.

Colossal Adventure is available from Level 9 Computing, 229 Hughenden Road, High Wycombe, Bucks. HP13 5PG.

Michael Clubbe