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Amstrad Action

Chopper Squad
By Interceptor Micros
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

Based on Jetpac this game has you building a plane instead of a rocket - and it doesn't even need fuelling. You control a chopper that has to pick up pieces of a plane and take them to the bottom right of the screen.

The pieces drop in from the top of the screen and may land on one of three platforms or the ground. There are four aliens trying to stop you by ramming you and as you progress to the next plane they change shape and start to home in on you.

You have a rapid fire laser to dispose of the aliens and the bullets will come out in great bursts if you're moving up or down. The chopper can land on the three platforms but sitting still is not advised.

Good News

1. Frantic action.

Bad News

1. Slow movement is frustrating. 2. Graphics and sound are poor. 3. Unoriginal.