Amstrad Action

Centre Court
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

Centre Court

Tennis has been a popular game on computers ever since the days of Pong, but this is the first version on the Amstrad. The court is viewed side on with two rather crudely defined players, one at either end.

The ball is served by pressing the fire button, once to throw it up and again to hit it. From there on, you can move the player freely around the court and by pressing the fire button, strike the ball.

The play tends to be mostly baseline and you can't really volley. You can control the strength and direction of your shots by the timing, but this will take plenty of practice.

Centre Court

There is a demo mode and you can play against the computer or a friend, but once you've started a match, you have to finish it or reset the computer.

Good News

P. Good computer opponent who isn't easily beaten.

Bad News

N. Crude graphics.
N. No variation in strokes.
N. No reset to start game again.