Butch Hard Guy
By Advance Software Promotions
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #67

Butch Hard Guy

Hi, I'm Butch. Butch Hard Guy. Rough, tough and ready to duff anybody up. My motto? "Who Cares Who Wins."

Obviously Butch Hard Guy is intended to be a funny take off of Rambo and the many other macho tough guys. The humour, however, stops at the cassette cover and blurb. What we have is a rather straightforward platform and ladders game.

The evil Dr Tie Fu (Is that a joke? Typhoo?) is holding captive soldiers. These are scattered around the twenty screens held in cages. And an army of near indestructible droids patrol Dr. Fu's South Pacific Island.

Butch: Hard Guy

Butch only has his hands, feet and your wits to help him triumph. The droids proved instant death for me.

But, apparently, if you punch them in the middle they sit down and switch off for a second. To destroy them Butch has to punch them in the face and then get as far away from them as possible because they explode.

To free the prisoners, Butch has to punch and kick furiously at the bars of their cages. Once free the race off towards a rescue helicopter. If they encounter a droid they end up back in their cage.

Butch Hard Guy is fun but really not different enough to set the world on fire. It would have been better as a budget game. You do, however, get a free Butch Hard Guy badge with the game. Wow!