Home Computing Weekly

Bumble Bee

Author: D.C.
Publisher: Micro Power
Machine: Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #85

This is an engaging, non-violent, game which is quite difficult to categorise. It has some relationship to Pac Man since you are chased by a number of spiders who will destroy you in no uncertain terms if touched.

There is also a maze but the actual shape of this is changed as you move around. The maze walls are in fact gates, which you walk through causing them to make a wall at 90 degrees to their original position.

This means that you can arrange the walls to stop the spiders getting to you. It isn't that simple though. Besides, all that there are ports of posioned food and toadstools. Both kill bees so must be avoided but the food kills spiders too so you try to make the spiders touch them and get extra points for each one killed.

Overall there are enough new ideas in this game to make it quite addictive and, although a little slow for younger arcade freaks, I find this keeps the interest of the older player. The graphics are excellent with a good use of colour.


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