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Mystery Of The Java Star
By Shards
Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #72

If you like puzzles then this multi-faceted program may be just your cup of tea. To describe this as a program is far too mean, for the package comprises four individual, yet linked, games of different types and styles.

The first is called Bristol and involves the jigsaw type skills of piecing together a message. In London you must wander around researching your information ready to go exploring, the aim here being to get just the information you need at minimum cost in time and money. In Jamaica you go looking for an island to match your research and can survey those you find before landing to charter a boat.

Finally, you dive in your chosen location on the Seawitch in the hope that you find the ultimate goal - the beautiful Java Star ruby and all the gold that the wrecked ship carried. When you consider the cost of individual programs like this you can only conclude that this is exceptional value for money and, unlike short action games, the work involved is likely to take a number of days if not weeks. Its claim to be educational is reasonably fair too. Well done, Shards!


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