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Bug Diver
By Galactic
Dragon 32

Published in Computer & Video Games #27

Bug Diver

Frogger dons a wetsuit in this latest version of the hit scrolling arcade format.

You play the part of a little sea bug who decides to help out some fishermen by collecting fish eggs from the depths of the ocean floor.

There's only one problem - these eggs are guarded by a shoal of ferocious piranhas. Grimly they swim back and forth over the valuable cache of eggs and will go to any lengths to stop them being stolen.

Your job is to stay alive by dodging the piranhas in a very Frogger-like manner using the cursor keys. Once at the bottom, pick up an egg and try to make it back to the surface where the thankful fishermen will come along in their speedboat and relieve you of your load.

A nice feature in the graphics is the piranhas' faces, when they eat you - it happens all too frequently - they all turn as one to face outwards and leer at you in a toothy grin!

There are eight eggs to be picked up before moving onto the next screen where life becomes more difficult. However the controls are unresponsive and you will do well to pick up three eggs.

Bug Diver is an interesting variation on a theme but would have been more successful with better controls and stimulating sound effects. Every time a piranha bits, a burp-like sound is heard, no doubt from the full tummy of the fish!

Bug Diver is available from Somerset-based Galactic Software for the Dragon 32 at £5.50.