Amstrad Action

By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

This is one of the older breed of platform games and is very much in the Manic Miner tradition. It features the infamous thief Blagger as he tries to rob 20 screens of the contents of their safes.

Each screen has a number of keys which have to be collected before going to the safe which will take you to the next screen. The keys are positioned in such a way that there is usually only one route, leaping from platform to platform, by which they can all be collected and you can escape.

Hazards lie in wait everywhere with deadly moving objects, lethal bushes(?) and plenty of fatal long drops. You also have to watch where you tread since there are lots of conveyor belts and collapsing floors to catch you unawares.


There is an air time limit on each screen that is converted into a bonus score once you have reached the safe. Many jumps call for excellent timing while some of the route patterns will take some working out.

Good News

1. Platform action addictive as ever. 2. The 20 screens offer a tough long-term challenge.

Bad News

1. Some sound effects are teeth-grating. 2. Doesn't really offer anything over Manic Miner.