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Amstrad Action

Black Magic
By Datasoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #25

Black Magic

You move around a slow scrolling landscape trying to collect the six eyes of Anakar [A sort of Treasure Hunt? - Ed]. Littered about the landscape are chests, scrolls and the obligatory monsters to be defeated.


Graphics 53%
P. Colourful landscape.
N. Slow, jerky scrolling and small characters.

Sonics 44%
N. Just beeps and pings.

Grab Factor 43%
P. Four levels of wizardry to work your way through.
N. Boring just collecting things and killing monsters.

Staying Power 56%
P. Gets more difficult as you collect the eyes...
N. ...but you may not be bothered to get that far.

Overall 47%
N. Too expensive for what it is.