By Hill MacGibbon
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #29


A very nice touch in the Study Aids booklet for this package is the inclusion of a short Glossary at the start of each chapter. and a list of key words at the end. The chapter on Transport for example, begins by defining Translocation and Transpiration, while blood, lymphocyte, fibrin and ions are some of the key words listed at the end.

In this package, five main topic areas are tested: The Cell and Transport; Nutrition and Respiration; Genetics and Ecology; Movement and Co-ordination and Reproduction, Excretion and Temperature Regulation This package is possibly the best of (hem all in the way it relates the information in the booklet to the questions which appear on the screen. In the first Learning Module for instance, the top pan of the screen display is divided into two, with the left hand section giving the explanation and referring the student to the relevant pages in the booklet, while the right hand section displays a graph of the information on which the questions are based.

Another particularly useful feature is the information contained in the package on the different types of exam questions the student may have to answer objective, structured, essay and practical questions, and a helpful explanatory lust of the terms commonly used in the questions is also given. Overall, this is an excellent revision aid.


For the serious student, these packages represent superb value for money. What they are most definitely not, is a short-cut for the less able. The fact that each Course Tutor covers such a wealth of information may cause problems to the student who is unsure about the precise requirements of the exam syllabus being followed, but an approach to the teacher would resolve this problem. The producers of these programs have avoided any temptation to include gimmicks or unnecessary graphics to give them more mass appeal, and a great deal of thought has gone into their preparation. Their main advantage lies in the way the computer is used to test understanding and pinpoint areas of weakness, to provide personal tuition based on the Diagnostic Test results, and to give practice in answering examination questions. As examples of truly interactive learning they are impressive indeed.

Rosetta McLeod

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