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Cell Growth
By Scetlander
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #50

Cell Growth

THIS program, aimed at senior pupils studying for biology exams simulates the method of studying population growth in microorganisms using the haemacytometer cell-counting technique. This method requires a great deal of expertise and Scetlander claims the program offers thorough grounding in the principles of the method while avoiding the frustrations of poor experimental results.

Students should have a fair knowledge of growth-cycle theory before using the program. There are two scenarios where the student has to take control, Pattern Of Growth and Effect Of Temperature. Temperatures, incubation periods and dilution factors must be set. Samples can be taken up to nine times.

The challenge is to construct a cell-growth graph, which Is compared with the computer's own graph derived from the same data. A fair amount of decision-making is called for, and sound judgments are needed to obtain efficient cell growth.

The data collected during a session can be saved, and both graphs and data can be printed out.


Though of rather limited appeal, this is a useful program dealing with a complex topic.

Rosetta McLeod

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