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Your Sinclair

Beyond The Ice Palace
By Encore
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #53

Beyond The Ice Palace

Here's a chasy little runabout that Elite first released eighteen months or so ago to great approval (Don gave it 8 back in July '88). It's a big-spirited arcade adventure, with the emphasis on 'arcade', as it's fearsomely hard. "Beyond the ice palace and to the north." it says here, " legend tells of a mystical land where strange creatures dwell. " Well, it would, wouldn't it? "It is a land of fantasy and magic, of goblins and ghosts, of good and evil, of long-forgotten tiny pieces of Blu-tac." So Dune found anyway, and it is indeed a ripsnorter of a game, set in underground caverns where every yard you manage to cover is an achievement.

There are flying bats to kill (easy), axe-throwing ogres (less easy) and occasionally giant moths (unbelievably tricky). If you can get past this section, the cave opens up into a giant platform-and-ladders format, which is where the fun really starts. Anyone who likes a really challenging bit of action will lap this up. Oh, and look out for the little head-shaped icons - they're the spirits of the woods, and jolly useful they are too.

Marcus Berkmann

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